Sol LeWitt and Eva Hesse

A few weeks ago in my Contemporary Art History class, I was assigned to read the following PDF: "Artist Sol LeWitt's letter to artist and friend Eva Hesse" You may follow the link to read scans of the original letter in the artist's own hand writing, and muse over his words and drawings. If you… Continue reading Sol LeWitt and Eva Hesse


Getting Handsy

**Please note: HumAlong Productions is affiliated with BLICK art materials. If a purchase is made after you click through any of the banners or links I have listed on this site, I will receive compensation. I encountered a new project concept in my printmaking class this semester. In order to get our grade in the… Continue reading Getting Handsy


November Christmas Shame

This past weekend, the first weekend of November, we became one of those people. Those people who buy a Christmas tree almost the day after the Halloween decorations are taken down. Those people that completely skip over Thanksgiving planning and immediately run to WalMart to cram themselves in with all the super slow elderly walkers… Continue reading November Christmas Shame

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Unpopular Opinion – Some Art is Bullshit

Today was a long, relatively frustrating day. Long and frustrating mainly because I didn't get my three hours of drawing in that I'm used to on a Monday morning, and my drawing time was replaced by a two hour lecture from an artist I don't know, and whose art I did not enjoy a single… Continue reading Unpopular Opinion – Some Art is Bullshit