• Can I share your artwork on my blog, Facebook, Instagram, etc? Can I edit your work or color it in, etc and then share it?
  • Do you take tattoo commissions or can I get your work tattooed?
    • I do not take tattoo commissions because I’m not a tattoo artist, and there are loads of amazingly talented tattoo artists out there ready to create something for you. However, I would be absolutely honored and flattered to have my work permanently added to someone’s body, and you may use my previously created work for a tattoo if you abide by the following conditions:
      1. My art may not be edited or changed unless it is absolutely necessary to make the piece work as a tattoo
      2. If you or the tattoo artist post a photo of the tattoo at anytime, I must be tagged and credited for the artwork
      3. Tattoo artists may not use or keep my work in their shop collections or on their flash sheets
      4. This is optional, but if you plan on using my work as a tattoo, I ask that you make a donation (please include your name and “tattoo donation” or purchase a print of the piece in my store to use as your reference
  • Do you think that selling reproduction prints of your work takes away from the value of the original print edition?
    • This is a question with an answer that varies from printmaker to printmaker. For me, it’s a no. I feel like art should be available and accessible to everybody in some form or another. As a person that grew up loving art, and wanting to collect it, I would acquire it in whatever way I could afford – whether that was a print, or later on in life after I had a job and could financially afford it, an original piece or part of an edition. To that person that loves your art enough to purchase it, it’s going to be valuable and special – whether it’s a print or an original linocut pressing. I value the prints that I have just as much as I value the original pieces I have in my collection. For me, selling reproduction prints isn’t about making money, it’s about getting art into the hands of those who value it and appreciate it. I may eventually move to doing limited editions of reproduction prints, but that’s a concept that will happen in the future once I establish myself more.
    • I also make sure that reproduction prints are labeled as such. All are also reproduced at a different size, and from an original print that is not included in the set of original hand-printed pieces.
  • Do you do linocut or woodcut commissions? What are your rates?
    • I do when I have time – but unfortunately I have not had much lately so my commissions are currently closed.
    • My basic commission rate is $40 an hour, with a minimum of five hours per job. All rates will be finalized during contract discussions. Prices may vary depending on what the subject is, if I’m creating it from scratch, the size of the piece, the materials needed, and whether or not I retain certain rights to the final image.
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