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Swamped Summer + Featured Artist!

Happy Summer! I'm sorry I haven't posted in awhile. This summer has had me absolutely slammed. And sunburned. Between dealing with family issues, and multiple conventions and shows after school ended, I have not had ANY time to update you lovelies on what's going on in my life, SO! I am taking a break from… Continue reading Swamped Summer + Featured Artist!

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Wizard World Reno

So. I totally meant to do day by day updates, or live blogging from the con.... but obviously I didn't. So instead you get a huge late blog post about how stressful and amazing working cons are, and how the weekend went. Day 0: Wednesday, November 18th. We were supposed to leave at 4am so… Continue reading Wizard World Reno

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Unpopular Opinion – Some Art is Bullshit

Today was a long, relatively frustrating day. Long and frustrating mainly because I didn't get my three hours of drawing in that I'm used to on a Monday morning, and my drawing time was replaced by a two hour lecture from an artist I don't know, and whose art I did not enjoy a single… Continue reading Unpopular Opinion – Some Art is Bullshit



Guess what I'm currently watching!?  My 2D design prof played the soundtrack in class today and I couldn't get it out of my head. I was dying to get home and start working on these. The inside will be coated with silver glitter. Can't wait to get them on my black Christmas tree!