Sol LeWitt and Eva Hesse

A few weeks ago in my Contemporary Art History class, I was assigned to read the following PDF: "Artist Sol LeWitt's letter to artist and friend Eva Hesse" You may follow the link to read scans of the original letter in the artist's own hand writing, and muse over his words and drawings. If you… Continue reading Sol LeWitt and Eva Hesse

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Swamped Summer + Featured Artist!

Happy Summer! I'm sorry I haven't posted in awhile. This summer has had me absolutely slammed. And sunburned. Between dealing with family issues, and multiple conventions and shows after school ended, I have not had ANY time to update you lovelies on what's going on in my life, SO! I am taking a break from… Continue reading Swamped Summer + Featured Artist!


Getting Handsy

**Please note: HumAlong Productions is affiliated with BLICK art materials. If a purchase is made after you click through any of the banners or links I have listed on this site, I will receive compensation. I encountered a new project concept in my printmaking class this semester. In order to get our grade in the… Continue reading Getting Handsy

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Wizard World Reno

So. I totally meant to do day by day updates, or live blogging from the con.... but obviously I didn't. So instead you get a huge late blog post about how stressful and amazing working cons are, and how the weekend went. Day 0: Wednesday, November 18th. We were supposed to leave at 4am so… Continue reading Wizard World Reno