About Marissa

Marissa Suto (b.1993) currently lives and works out of her home studio in Orange County, CA. Predominately a relief printmaker, she also has experience with other forms of printmaking such as intaglio, letterpress, lithography, and monotypes. She is deeply inspired by the creatures of folklore, Halloween, and pop culture. Her current long term projects are inspired by and revolve around bestiaries, grimoires, and wunderkammer.

In her free time she enjoys reading, watching old films, cooking, roller-skating, and experiencing any and all kinds of live and musical theatre.

Marissa is also the Head Coordinator and Curator for The Artist Lodge where she hosts pop-up art events and galleries. One day she hopes to build The Artist Lodge into a brick-and-mortar community art center and gallery.


2 years of Printmaking classes from Fullerton College
2 years of Gallery/Exhibition Design Classes from both Fullerton College and CSUF
BA in General Studio Arts from Cal State University Fullerton

Past Exhibitions:

March – Toil and Trouble, Witches Throughout the Ages, SugarMynt Gallery, Pasadena, CA
May – My Dark Passenger, Dexter Tribute, SugarMynt Gallery, Pasadena, CA
September – Trick ‘r Treat it’s Halloween, Welcome to Haddonfield VII, Sugarmynt Gallery, Pasadena, CA
September – LEGEND: 200 Years of Sleepy Hollow, MUZEO, Anaheim, CA
November – “Yes Have Some!” SugarMynt Gallery, Pasadena, CA

April – Tales from Derry, A Stephen King Tribute, SugarMynt Gallery, Pasadena, CA
June – Tales from Derry: Chapter Two, SugarMynt Gallery, Pasadena, CA
September – Into the Fog: Knott’s Scary Farm Tribute, Knott’s Berry Farm, Buena Park, CA
September – 6th Annual Haunted Haddonfield, SugarMynt Gallery, Pasadena, CA

July – ESTE ES UN PAIS LIBRE, Leo Freedman Gallery at CSUF, Fullerton, CA

May – House or Window Flies, Leo Freedman Gallery at CSUF, Fullerton, CA
July – San Diego Comic Con Art Show, San Diego, CA
ICONS Group Art Show, Space 853, Long Beach, CA

December – The Insanity of Fantastick Banality, Leo Freedman Gallery at CSUF, Fullerton, CA
November – Holy Crap, an Art Show, Comic Book Hideout, Fullerton, CA
July – San Diego Comic Con Art Show, San Diego, CA
May – The Death of Asymmetry, Leo Freedman Gallery at CSUF, Fullerton, CA

* Please note that unless indicated otherwise: you may share my work ONLY if you share with credit, including my name and links back to my website. Unless otherwise noted, all of my work is protected under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License. You may not share any altered or edited derivatives of my work, and may not use it for commercial purposes.

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