About Marissa


Marissa Suto (b.1993) currently lives and works in Southern California. Predominately a relief printmaker, she also has experience using charcoal, graphite, digital sketching/painting, watercolors, oil paint, ceramics, and other forms of printmaking (intaglio, letterpress, lithography, monotype, etc). She has big dreams of one day becoming an illustrator of children’s books, a freelance artist, and a gallery owner. In her free time she enjoys reading, cooking, and experiencing any and all kinds of live and musical theatre.

Marissa also coordinates and curates pop-up artist alley events and galleries for the company Fan*Alley.


2 years of Printmaking classes from Fullerton College
2 years of Gallery/Exhibition Design Classes from Fullerton College
BA in General Studio from Cal State University Fullerton

Past Exhibitions:

May – House or Window Flies, Leo Freedman Gallery at CSUF, Fullerton, CA
July – San Diego Comic Con Art Show, San Diego, CA
ICONS Group Art Show, Space 853, Long Beach, CA

December – The Insanity of Fantastick Banality, Leo Freedman Gallery at CSUF, Fullerton, CA
November – Holy Crap, an Art Show, Comic Book Hideout, Fullerton, CA
July – San Diego Comic Con Art Show, San Diego, CA
May – The Death of Asymmetry, Leo Freedman Gallery at CSUF, Fullerton, CA


* Please note that unless indicated otherwise: you may share my work ONLY if you share with credit, including my name and links back to my website. Unless otherwise noted, all of my work is protected under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License. You may not share any altered or edited derivatives of my work, and may not use it for commercial purposes.