Getting Handsy

**Please note: HumAlong Productions is affiliated with BLICK art materials. If a purchase is made after you click through any of the banners or links I have listed on this site, I will receive compensation.

I encountered a new project concept in my printmaking class this semester. In order to get our grade in the class, our final project was a “class edition” in which we had to create an original print, and make an edition large enough so that everyone in class could receive one.

In theory, you would walk away with a stack of original prints for your own collection. I have some mixed feelings about what I received, and whether or not I wanted to part with any of my prints in exchange. But in the end, you get what you get, and who knows what will become of your classmates?

For my class edition, I created a piece based on a phrase I’ve been keeping in the back of my mind as a kind of slogan or encouragement. “Create Good Shit.” I want everything I create to be good shit. I didn’t want to do a piece simply based on text, so I decided to add American Sign Language spelling out the phrase. I love drawing hands, and I really enjoyed adding in the torn skin and the small tattoos.

Below is my plate. It’s an intaglio etching on acrylic.

From there, I ran it through the press over and over and over, and re-etched, and ran some more through the press. I printed on pieces of Muslin fabric. I’ve never printed on fabric before, but it was a fun experience. And SO much cheaper than buying large pieces of stonehenge or American Masters.

Those prints pictures above are proof prints. I overwiped them quite a bit, and after I got into the groove of things, they started producing darker prints. I love the way the blue came out.

“Create Good Shit” is a limited, one run only, edition. The few prints that I have leftover can be found for purchase here.

After completing the class edition, I was inspired to go back to my studio and make a few companion pieces as relief prints. These are the smallest carvings I’ve made to date. Each one is right about three inches in length.

I used my pfeil tools for the first time on these carvings, and I am in LOVE. They cut so smoothly and I was able to get beautiful fine lines. It was very comfortable to use as well.


If you’ve ever purchased an original print from me, you should know that I hand pull every single print that I make. I haven’t found a barren that I like yet, so in the mean-time, I use my trusty wooden spoon. Keep in mind that more work goes into each of these pieces than you think. They aren’t just “stamps”, though that’s the easiest way to comprehend what I do.

I hand colored a few with watercolors. This is a varied, open edition, and I will have a few available tomorrow at fan*alley’s Artist Lodge event in Anaheim. If you can swing by in the evening, please do so! There will be loads of fabulous artists there. Come on out, say hello, and support local artists! Details below and on my website.


Supplies used in this project:

  • For the etching:
    • Acrylic plexi-glass from Home Depot or Lowes
    • Twisted etching needle from Blick Art Materials
    • Gamblin Intaglio ink in Prussian Blue from Blick Art Materials
    • Blue hard plastic scraper from Art Supply Warehouse
    • Tarletan
    • Unbleached 100% cotton Muslin Fabric from Jo-Ann Fabrics
  • For the Relief carving:
    • Unmounted battleship grey linoleum, 12×12″ from Blick Art Materials
    • Gamblin Relief ink in Portland Intense Black from Blick Art Materials
    • Pfeil and Speedball carving tools
    • Canson Mixed Media Paper
    • Windsor & Newton watercolors
    • Water Brush Pen with a small tip from Blick Art Materials

**Please note: HumAlong Productions is affiliated with BLICK art materials. If a purchase is made after you click through any of the banners or links I have listed on this site, I will receive compensation.

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