End of the Semester

Today is the second-to-last class meeting of my Spring 2016 semester, and I was late.

Want to know why?

Because I was stuck at a light when a train decided to stop on the tracks (while completely blocking the street, of course), so that the worker bee riding on the back car of the train could jump down, run across a small lot, and grab some In-N-Out.

I kid you not.

Some guy passed him a bag of food over the wall separating the restaurant from the small lot next door, and he ran back to the train with it, jumped back up, and went on his merry way.

I would have video-recorded it, except I could barely believe it myself.


Last night I had to help take down my Printmaking Class’ end of the semester show. It was a bittersweet moment, because I really enjoyed going back and hanging out with some of the student’s and my prof, but it saddened me to know that the class was now officially over.

I haven’t posted here about it, but this semester I took an Etching and Monotype printmaking class. I had signed up for it a few semesters ago, but had to drop it. This semester I returned! I knew that it would be a long, odd, 16 weeks when my prof looked me up and down the first day and said, “You’ve been here before, haven’t you? You came back? No one comes back.” People tend to not return after being exposed to the supply list, and my prof’s dark sense of humor. He’s a bit of a smart-ass. Needless to say, we got along very well.

Below I have posted my favorites of the 100+ emails that he sent to us over the 16 week semester. (Please note that my professor is not a cruel or outwardly evil man. *cough* Nothing he said was meant to discourage us, but to make us work harder. He is incredibly sarcastic, and in my opinion, funny as hell. I took nothing he said personally, and will be taking more classes with him. Not all 100+ emails contained content like this either. Most were just class updates and links to really awesome art inspirations.) (click to expand)

The middle picture is the sad face that I received on my midterm. The more grotesque looking your smiley face, the worse your grade was (I got a good grade, and allowed myself to feel so relieved and proud that I fell behind on my work for my final. Such is life). I personally felt kind of ripped off though at the critique when I saw some of the sad faces that had been passed out. I wanted a really gross and ugly one. They were pretty cool.

And yes, I have read Kafka.

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