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Happy January!

HAPPY NEW YEAR (and eleven days)!!

My apologies for the lateness of this blog post. I’ve been super busy with family, and then my entire household was hit with a nasty flu that knocked us out for 4 days.

I hope that you all had an absolutely fantabulous holiday season. It was absolutely insane here.

My sister is home, and some of my wonderful cousins came in from out of town. We hit up Disneyland a few times, and just had a lot of fun actually getting to spend time with one another.

A few days after Christmas, my sister and I picked this tree up off the side of the street. We’re not sure what we’re going to do with it, but we had to have it. We have a thing for sad looking Christmas trees.
It’s like a Charlie Brown Tree on mega steroids.
Isn’t it pretty?
If you don’t get what we mean by “sad trees,” this was our 2014 tree.


Our famous scoliosis tree. It was technically 7 feet, but they sold it to us at the 4 foot price.
I also discovered that my 11 year old cousin is a kick-ass little artist. She hasn’t taken any classes, but as soon as I saw what she could do, I demanded she draw a thousand animals for me (or whatever she could do.)
Going to find a place in my studio to hang these.
She did not disappoint.
Isn’t she awesome?! No references either. She just went scribbling all over the paper and made this for me. I’m getting that girl a sketchbook.

And then there was my nine year old cousin Maggie, who was hell bent on beating the shit out of me just because she wanted to. She’s lucky she’s cute. And ticklish. She drew a picture of her victory over me. That’s not a Hitler mustache on that arm-less figure (me), it’s a bloody nose.

The white paper shows the reality, which is that I could hold her at arm’s length and let her flail.

After defeating her for the ten thousandth time, I taught her the proper technique for breaking noses, and that seemed to preoccupy her for a bit.

We also got to go to Disneyland. I’d forgotten what a 15 hour Disney day hangover felt like. My sister and I ran back and forth across the park all day getting fast passes so that our cousins could do as much as possible, because none of them have actually been to the Magic Kingdom.
I got to see boyfriend’s helm again!
My sister and I went back a few days later and just went on Haunted Mansion over and over and over again. And ate a Dole Whip. And a pickle. 
Needless to say, we were completely exhausted.
We crashed in the cartoon theatre for awhile watching Steamboat Willy, and then decided to hit up “Magical Moments with Mr. Lincoln” for the first time. We figured it involved sitting. The animatronics were pretty killer, but the story behind it seemed odd. What I (sarcastically) took away from it was that Walt Disney was such a fan girl for Abraham Lincoln that he had to build the man for himself.
While I was there I took some product shots for a few items. One of them was the hand painted back patch I made as part of my sister’s Christmas gift. It looks so badass on the vest I got her too. Gonna have to make one for myself. I plan to slowly start adding hand painted back patches to the shop. 
RUDE denim vest available here.
“Read a Fucking Book” patch purchased here.

Speaking of the shop, I am in the process of switching over shop platforms. That’s why my “store link” doesn’t work or takes you to a shop where you can’t actually buy anything. All I have to do is add product photos, and sort out the shipping and it will be open for business.

In the meantime, if there’s something you’ve seen at a con or online that you’re looking for, shoot me a message and we’ll figure it out!It should also be noted that I’ve added a new “info” tab to my website. Included on that page are my shop policies, return policies, sizing information, and care instructions for my products. I’ve yet to figure out how to make a page for this in my shop itself, so for the time being there is a link to this page in the description of every item in my shop. Please look them over carefully before making a purchase.

This year my family drew names for our christmas presents instead of trying to find something for everyone. I ended up with my oldest cousin’s girlfriend. My grandmother (who drew my oldest cousin’s name) basically handed over the reins, so I put together a couple’s gift for them, throwing together some movie tickets and snacks, some comics, and custom matching shirts. The shirts were my favorite. B&W baseball tees with a black minimalist Captain America shield on the back. “The Carter to his Captain” on the front of hers, and “The Captain to her Carter” on the front of his. I’ll post a picture of them in the shirts as soon as they send me one.I’d actually like to start selling these shirts. I have a wonderful idea in my head for a product shot, and I get giddy just thinking about it. I’m still working out the kinks on the image, but my biggest problem is the fact that I have no models… so,


I’m looking for any good Agent Carter / Captain America cosplayers local to Orange County, CA that you know. Hobbyist and nonprofessional cosplayers are welcome to contact me. If you’re a serial killer, please refrain from getting in touch. Unless you have a nice British accent. Then we could probably work something out.

I won’t be able to pay you with money, but you’re welcome to a shirt of your choice, and a print of your photo. Or we can discuss it between ourselves when you contact me. Any pairing of gender is welcome, so long as you’re comfortable with the fact that the shirts say “his” and “her.”


Weekly Wrap – Up

– I’ve been slightly obsessed with patches lately. I love putting a jacket or vest together and just covering it with things. This is part of why I’ve been thinking of hand-painting patches for awhile. Because of my obsession, I’ve been following quite a few artists on Instagram, and my two favorites at the moment are Ursula “Thread” Wizard and Rachel Alveston of Rad Patch Co.

Rachel is an awesome artist that puts together some killer hand embroidered patches; and Ursula makes awesome, edgy, rocker patches. Check them out, and start designing your own kick-ass apparel with Thread Wizard’s custom Rocker patch set, and Rad Patch Co’s lovely hand created work.

– Did you do any traveling during the holidays? Were you frustrated about your bag situation, or concerned that you might lose it or get pick-pocketed? I’ve been there. A few months ago, I purchased a Travelon brand Crossbody bag. I’ve been carrying it with me everywhere since. It’s a roomy, comfortable bag that I feel secure taking anywhere. I can fit my travel sketch book, pencil case, large wallet, iPod, phone, and various other odds and ends in it. Clips and clasps make the zippers lockable, and it’s made with slash proof and RFID blocking materials. The strap is also cut proof, and connected to a type of D-link (I’m sorry I don’t know what the clip is actually called) so that you can secure the bag to chairs to prevent grab and run thefts. I mention it in my weekly wrap up because I realize how convenient it was to have a bag I felt secure using, and I’m looking at purchasing Travelon’s Anti-Theft Classic Sling for my future Europe trip with my sister.

  • – Here’s a tip, you can find select styles of the Travelon bags on Amazon for $10-20 cheaper than their list price.

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