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Wizard World Reno

I totally meant to do day by day updates, or live blogging from the con….
but obviously I didn’t.
So instead you get a huge late blog post about how stressful and amazing working cons are, and how the weekend went.
Day 0:
Wednesday, November 18th.
We were supposed to leave at 4am so that we wouldn’t hit any morning rush hour traffic, and so that we wouldn’t have to drive through the hills after dark.
That didn’t happen.
We had spent the previous weekend with our long time family friends that were in town for a visit (see here), and the day they left, these suckers came in the mail.
That’s ten boxes.
Ten boxes filled with hoodies, tote bags, and new shirt products we’re going to test.
Eight and half of those boxes were black hoodies that needed to be pre-treated before they were printed.
So I was up for a long time that evening pretreating 100+ hoodies. They were hung all about the house and the house smelled of pretreat (vinegar-y) for two days (or at least it still smelt strongly when we left).
This means that we printed all of the hoodie stock we wanted to take the next day.
This is the main reason we left 12 hours later than we wanted to.
This the main reason that most of our 8 hour drive looked like this.
Like the start of the climax of a horror film.

Ginormous shout out to my manager by the way, for kicking ass on helping me print AND driving to Reno. You are one strong lady and super inspiration to me.

View from the hotel room the first morning. Good morning WW Truck!

Iron Chef had to be my favorite cosplay of the weekend.

This was a commission from a wonderful customer. I enjoyed making it so much, that I think I will make more to sell in the future. I didn’t want to let go of it when I finished. She was so excited when she came to pick it up. She was dressed as Harley, her husband was dressed as Deadpool (and purchased one of my Deadpool ornaments), and their son was Flash, and wanted to know why he didn’t get one. Apparently he already had one at home.

Shit that you find when the convention starts to break down.

Also, a perfect example of how I was feeling as we were doing load-out.

It of course had to have something to do with a wolf.

So here I am after an early morning of sewing, a day of selling, an extra long breakdown and load out, dragging ourselves to food, and then finally getting back to our hotel. Typically we can kick butt and work hard and breakdown/load out can be completed in under an hour. This time around, with our double booth, extra merch, etc., it took about two and a half hours. Needless to say, we were both exhausted.

But, momager insisted that we gamble a little bit, as this is the first time I’ve been anywhere to legally gamble since I came of age. We stayed up for about an hour walking around, slowly suffocating from secondhand smoke, and gambling away our allotted $5 each.
I was never up more than $3, whereas momager got up to $20 before losing it all again. It’s a total rip off when you hit up a penny machine, but your lowest bet has to be thirty cents.

In the end, gambling was eh. It’s like a video game where you only get to hit one button, and no shit blows up. I was also highly disappointed that George Clooney, Matt Damon, and Brad Pitt didn’t stroll in and turn the house upside down. Those Ocean’s movies gave me high expectations.All in all though, I look forward to returning to Reno for another con in the coming years. It was nothing like I expected.

This was our gorgeous view from the car, shortly before I fell asleep.

And this was the not so gorgeous view from the car, shortly after waking up and not knowing where I am and wondering if I’m high because there are dinosaurs outside.

I stumbled half-asleep from the car to take pictures.

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