November Christmas Shame

This past weekend, the first weekend of November, we became one of those people.

Those people who buy a Christmas tree almost the day after the Halloween decorations are taken down.

Those people that completely skip over Thanksgiving planning and immediately run to WalMart to cram themselves in with all the super slow elderly walkers and screaming, uncontrollable children so that they can find the perfect Christmas tree for whatever horrid thing they’re planning.

This time last year I was arguing with my family to just keep all the Halloween decorations out, and when December rolled around we could just throw Santa hats on everything. AND WE DID IT (see bottom of the post).

But this year…. I’ve become one of those people.


Granted, it’s a plastic tree, and it’s for a convention, but still.

One of those people.

For shame.

He’s done. I’ve scrapped the “Sweet Cheeks” change, but that will always be his name in my heart. *cheeeeeseee*
I also discovered that I would make an excellent waiter at a restaurant that serves incredibly petite plates.

I couldn’t find the picture of the pumpkins with santa hats. But it totally happened, and totally got you through this entire post, even with all my crappy quickie phone shots.

I’ll edit it when I find it. Gotta get back to work.

***EDIT: I found it. I apparently didn’t look all that hard.


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