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Norbertine & Con Prep

Guys, I just have to gush a bit here.

I’m a member of a linocut group on facebook, and a fellow artist posted this the other day.
The amazing artist behind this piece is Norbertine von Bresslern-Roth. Isn’t that just insanely gorgeous? No? How about this one?
     These are either reduction or multiple plate prints. I’m not sure, and I can’t find much information on her unfortunately. For those that don’t know, a reduction is when you print with multiple colors after carving multiple times on the plate. So for the tiger, I would carve away everything I wanted white. I would print the orange, carve some more, print the grey, carve some more, print the dark grey, carve some more, and finally print the black. All from the same block, all on top of one another. That means I would be left with only the carving for the black parts of the image.
     I’m the kind of fan-girl that likes to get as much information as I can, as quickly as I can when I fall in love with something. The fact that I can’t find much on this artist is driving me insane. I want a book with all her work in it that I can stare at and drool over.
     And I’m not going to lie, that fact that this artist is a girl is fucking amazing in my book. I love learning about new (well new to me) artists that are female and just kicking ass in the art world.
      In other news… My attitude and work method towards this upcoming con is taking a turn for the frantic and panicked. I’m trying to get all the small projects out of the way quickly while simultaneously working on the big projects (i.e. new carving) that I hope/need to have ready in the next week or so. A huge shout out to my momager for helping me jam out my smaller tasks, such as that pictured below. It was her first time printing, and she was messsssyyyyy.
     Though she has nothing on me when it comes to being an art slob. I have that title all wrapped up.
     For those attending WW Reno, some purchases will come in a bag stamped with an original HumAlong Productions logo linocut print.
And here are some crappy-phone-shot sneak peaks at other work currently happening.
Really loving those V8 Energy drinks. They don’t drag me down.
     In other other news, those of you that follow me on my instagram may know about my Studio Dog, Irwin. We rescued him when he was 3 and had been stuck at the pound for 4 months with no family prospects. We took him home, and he’s still with us 9 years later. We recently had a scare after taking him to the vet after we found a lump on his side under the skin. It proved to be cancerous, but they removed it and scans show that he’s cancer free (though we still need to watch him carefully). My baby’s home now and resting after a stressful few weeks, and so are we. He does have to go back next week for some eye surgery (the cysts he has are apparently tumors of some sort), so please keep him in your thoughts and send good vibes his way.


Studio Dog circa 2012, before he had a studio to snooze in.




  • Are you a cat lover? Are you severely obsessed with a fandom? Now you can have both in a lovely piece of art! Jenny Parks’ illustrations combine your favorite cuddly feline friends with your favorite fandoms. Sherlock? Got it. Avengers? Got it. Star Trek? Yeppers. Local con regulars know her, and I love seeing her work and talking to her when I manage to work up the courage to do so. And yes, I totally have a Loki cat hanging in my room.
  • HEY ART NERDS (spoken with love), LOOK AT THIS! You can now get pose-able action figures of your favorite famous classical sculpture. I want them all. Do you know what you could do with these? Do you know the Inception whirlwind that you could cause by taking your little David action figure to see the real David?! Feel free to buy them all for me.
    • This of course led to a text-screaming discussion between my printmaking class friend and I, where I came up with an insanely amazing idea that I should probably go and patent and make lots of money from. It went something like this:


  • Gabriel Ba and Fabio Moon’s new comic is out now! They’re my favorite comic book artists. They have such a unique style, and a beautiful talent for storytelling. I’ve also found the both of them to be very kind when you awkwardly approach them and mildly fan girl. “Two Brothers” is an adaptation of Milton Hatoum’s classic story of the reunification of two estranged twin brothers, and their family secrets. It’s under $20 on Amazon right now.


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