Artwork, Weekly Wrap-Up

Sweet Cheeks

      I know, I know, I know.
     I am infinitely (like 7 days behind) in my Drawlloween posts.
     I’ve been busy.
     The last two weeks have been filled with school work, and when I haven’t been at school I’ve been hard at work getting new things made for my next con in November. I want to have a bunch of Christmas ornaments painted for sale, but I’m a bit slow at pushing them out. We’ll get there though. Let me know in the comments if there’s anything in particular (fandom, theme, etc) that you would like to see.
     I think I’m most excited for my new dinosaur. He’s a dilophosaurus, and my final dino for my “Affectionate Beasties” collection. Dilophosaurus’ has always been my favorite dinosaur (next to Velociraptors, both thanks to Jurassic Park) so I especially wanted to do a carving of him. I’ve been trying to figure out over the last few weeks what his catch-phrase should be, and just couldn’t think of ANYTHING. Then, today, as soon as I finished carving out the “HEY BABY,” the phrase “SWEET CHEEKS” popped into my head and I just about died because HOW PERFECT IS THAT.

I mean, look at this little jerk.
     What would better describe him than “Sweet Cheeks?!” I’m going to have to do a separate carving or digitally put it in, because it’s just worlds better than just “Hey Baby.” So, depending on how I do it, the phrase on my original prints may be different than the other merchandise I produce.
     The next ornament design I decided to work on is a Minecraft Creeper. I chose this because it’s popular and I thought it was be easy.
I was so wrong.
     I apparently can not paint in a straight line, so I spent 30 minutes trying to figure out a way to make a reusable stencil, and then another 30 minutes trying to MAKE the stencil, and then I just made one of artist’s tape. It’s not super pliable, but it works for the general layout. We’l see how it goes. I have to order green glitter because apparently they don’t sell glitter in bulk in stores. I just want to make the world sparkle. *cough* I actually hate glitter because that shit gets everywhere.
     Speaking of glitter, have you heard of the company that will anonymously send your enemy an envelope full of glitter?
Best. Idea. EVER.
     If you’re having a bad day, go read their FAQs. If it doesn’t make you smile, then you’re probably the kind of person that will eventually get an envelope full of sparkly shit sent to you.

Things I Did When I Wasn’t Working.

Saturday night we went to this fairly cool display at Santa Anita Park called Rise of the Jack O’Lanterns. I with my overactive imagination somehow tricked myself into believing that it was 50,000 carved pumpkins, but I was wrong. I may have told a few people about it, and may have told them it was 50,000 instead of just 5,000. Whoops.

RISE! @ Santa Anita Park

Overall it was a pretty cool experience. There was a fella out front before you went in, carving a skull into a pumpkin. It was really neat because within the skull there was a young lady looking into a mirror. Kind of like this, but more… I don’t know… scratched up? More like a linoleum carving. But it also looked like it was melting and waxy. He was actually using a little speedball carver like I do for my linoleum pieces. I give you long winded and confusing description but no photo of the pumpkin in question. But hey, I just wasted 10ish seconds of time for whatever you’re procrastinating on doing because why else would you be reading this? You’re welcome.

Tyrannosaurus Rex

It was cool from an art perspective, but kind of eh otherwise. It had been a 102 degree Southern California day, so you can imagine the smell of 5,000 pumpkins rotting. I feel that the really disappointing thing was that it wasn’t just giant displays (such as those pictured) comprised out of 5,000 pumpkins. It was more like 50+ displays comprised of pumpkins, and then a ton of little single carved faces scattered around, and some tiny ones strung along the fence of the walkway. Towards the end of the walk there were fresh pumpkins set out that weren’t even carved yet. All in all, the walk probably took about 30-45 minutes.

My favorite piece of the evening.
Chinese Dragon – by far the coolest piece there. None of us could get a photo that did it justice.
      So if you can get a coupon and have 40 minutes to kill, go check it out. Be ready for the smell of rotting pumpkins and for tons of tiny humanoids running around unsupervised. Or even better, you can just spend the ticket price on some pumpkins on your own and make your own pretty pictures and decorate your house with them. Or turn them into pie. Or throw them at your annoying neighbors.
      Oh, and about those Drawlloween posts that I’ve neglected to make. I plan on catching up and posting them all at once, either at the end of the month or sooner if I catch up before then. I’ll try and make them extra special since I’ve been dragging my feet on producing them.

Weekly(ish) Wrap-Up

  • Fans of Shakespeare will enjoy this video of people reciting the Bard after eating a whole hot chili. I really enjoyed it. There’s nothing like cry of modern profanity in the middle of a monologue. Though it does make me wish that they would do a version with really hot British guys (like Tom Hiddleston and Benedict Cumberbatch).
  • I started reading this book by Jenny Lawson, Blog queen and inspiration. It’s a sequel to her first book, and I’m greatly enjoying it so far.
  • If you ever feel like your pet is ignoring you, at least you’re not this guy.
    • (also, for those suffering from the loss of Xkit Guy, try this new Xkit. It has all of the old tweaks and things from Xkit 7,  and so far I haven’t had any problems with it. A big thanks to Nanly for bringing this extension to my attention.)
  • You should probably go and buy these adorable ghosts by fuzzonme. Make your holidays more SQUEEEEable.
  • We haven’t been stalking this artist, but he’s been showing up as an exhibitor at the horror cons and Halloween markets we’ve been visiting and researching. Eric O’Neill has some AMAZING pen and ink illustrations, and I’m going to have to pick up his drawing of the Phantom for my collection. The first time I saw him, I stopped and just gawked at his drawings (I’m a sucker for line work, the more lines the better). The second and third time, I tried to avoid him because I don’t need more people thinking I’m stalking them.     I’m not a stalker, I’m just enthusiastic.


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