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Unpopular Opinion – Some Art is Bullshit

Today was a long, relatively frustrating day.

Long and frustrating mainly because I didn’t get my three hours of drawing in that I’m used to on a Monday morning, and my drawing time was replaced by a two hour lecture from an artist I don’t know, and whose art I did not enjoy a single bit.

I guess I just don’t understand it. When the artist put their work up on the screen, and described their detailed biblical dream narratives that could be found within the art… I just couldn’t see it – not even a little bit. Where a whole scenario was playing out, I just saw brightly colored blobs of who knows what. I couldn’t get past the bright-in-your-face sensory attack, and when I could, I literally saw nothing. People called the work sexy, and the artist is quite popular in the LA art scene – they even just closed two shows, one out of state. They were very enthusiastic, but not a great speaker. They were all over the place, like their artwork, and I feel like they see painting as the superior medium, and think that they’re this great painter – and they don’t even paint. Their pieces just come across as paintings because it blended pastel. I also feel like by having that superior attitude about painting, they essentially put down any and all other mediums.

What brought me down was my inability to see myself getting to this stage of popularity and professionalism, to the point where I could go around and lecture at schools and have enlightened art conversations with students, when I couldn’t even process anything that the artist showed us on their 30+ slides of art and detail. It’s been a heavy cloud over me all day. I love what I do, and what I create, and what I’ve been able to accomplish over the past year… but I don’t want to have to go all Jackson Pollack on a canvas to be considered a professional “artist.” (Don’t get me wrong, I like a good chunk of Pollack’s work. It’s more of the recent contemporary and modern art movement that I’m finding it hard to squeeze into.)

I don’t get how this stuff gets popular, and there are artists out there that I personally know, and some through the internet that I follow, that can’t even sell their work online as a full time job.

I know I’m fine and that I’ll find a way, but it’s still bothering me that I couldn’t find anything special or see anything in these pieces we were shown.

Irwin the Studio Dog – Anatolian Shepherd Mix, 12yo

Today was a long and frustrating day. But cuddling with this fella on the front porch while watching the rare Southern California rain shower helped make it all better.

I live for rainy October days.

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