Artwork, Drawloween

Drawloween Day #2


I wasn’t going to post this one, simply because I know it can be taken the wrong way. But I figured why not preemptively strike and give my reasons for this drawing.
This is Day 2 of Drawlloween, the theme is ‘devil’. It’s based on a random girl and her friends, whom I don’t personally know, that I happened to get stuck behind the other day as I was rushing to class. It took me over an hour to park, it was hot, I’m a fat girl so I’m sweating buckets, I was tired, I was getting to class much later than I like to… So many things. Then to get stuck behind some silly girls taking a selfie on an iPad with a selfie stick… It really annoyed me.
I want to be clear that I have no problem with selfies. I think they’re incredibly motivating and courageous. It means you’re confidant and happy with how you look and want to save and share that memory. Awesome. More power to you.
I have no problem with selfies, no problems with girls, the color pink, the way people typically dress, anything about these girls or their physical appearance or choices.
I do think that duck facing is dumb. I believe that Uggs are overrated, and you live in SoCal and it’s 90 degrees outside and why are you wearing those. I believe that anyone that carries around an iPad primarily to take pictures with should be locked in a cold, dark room and be forced to watch Barney and Friends on an infinite loop because whyyyyyyyy take pictures on an iPad when you could pay just as much for a nice camera. YOU look silly when you do that, especially at concerts in a mosh pit (but that’s another rant for another time.
I also believe that selfie sticks are stupid, but one day for some reason I will probably have to use one and I’ll go, “oh, I get it now, how convienent for group shots,” but I will take this opinion to my grave because I despise selfie sticks.
I also also believe that I really love run-on and rambling sentences.
Anyways, I just wanted to put it out there that I’m not a total hater, but I do have opinions. Also, don’t knowingly block the hallways with your gal pals just to take a selfie.
The end.

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