First Post!

So, I know I posted that Drawlloween post a little bit ago, and that technically that was the first post on this blog, but I don’t count it.

Go back, rewind, ignore it.

October is always my favorite month of the year. If you don’t live in Southern freaking California, the weather is cool, you get to bundle up, leaves change color, the whole world takes on a different look and feel. It’s close enough to the major holidays that time starts to slow down, dragging on before you get time off of work or school – but that just pumps you up more for what’s down the road.

I loved waking up this morning. I could feel a change in the air, a slight altering to my world. Oh, it’s 89 degrees instead of 90. Maybe that’s it. But really, October marks a lot of new things, and a celebration of the old. It seems appropriate for a blog post today, because the 1st of October in 2014 is the day that HumAlong Productions was founded. It’s the day I finally started to open up and work towards what I wanted to do for a living. My whole world changed that day, from what I focused on in school, my goals, how serious I took my art – everything was different. This last year has been amazing to me. I sold art at my first group art show at a really cool comic shop. I sold at three different comic conventions and have fans. I never thought I would be able to do something like this. Art was always supposed to be a hobby, and never a career. Things change (for the better).

I’m slow at things – hence a year in the making of my first legit blog. I’m slow at getting stuff up on my site, I still have no idea what path I’m on at school, and I just walk slow in general. But the last year has really shown me how much I can do when I work hard and keep my head up.

I want to thank everyone that has supported me – online, in person, in their thoughts – over the past year. I couldn’t have done it without you. To everyone that has shared or purchased my artwork, a HUGE thank you to you. Without you I wouldn’t have had the amazing experiences I’ve had at cons, and I wouldn’t have started developing repeat customers. I also have a big shout out to my best friend, my sister, and especially my momager (if looks could kill when I asked her to be my Kris Jenner), fr helping me out and being my free labor and just dealing with me. I know it’s not always easy.

Here’s to you.
Happy birthday, HumAlong!

So obviously I’m not the best writer, and as I’ve already mentioned I’m slow at getting things going. I promise my future posts won’t all be word vomit like this one. This is still a learning process for me. So I thank you for bearing with me and dealing with my slight disorganization (slight, HA, you should see my work desk at the moment), and again for all your support. You all rock my socks.

I plan on doing my best to get on here and write once a week. It may be about art, it may be about music, who knows. I’ll also be attempting to do a weekly wrap up on Saturday evenings, even if I haven’t managed to actually sit down and make a legit post.

My site will be going under a bit of construction. I finally have my logo in place, and want to clean the whole thing up and make it a bit more user friendly and professional.
My store is currently OPEN. I’m ordering and pre-treating fabrics as we speak (type?) so that I can start putting pillows back together and get them online. The last two cons wiped me out of our most popular ones, and a lot of the others as well.
I’m also starting to hand paint and put together some christmas ornaments for the holiday season. They’ll be available at Wizard World Reno in November, and then on my webstore shortly thereafter so keep your eyes open for them! I should also have hoodies, and my third Dinosaur carving ready for merch for Reno.
Have a great weekend! Get spooky!

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